Monday, September 5, 2011

Save Your Relationship With These Easy Picture-Hanging Tips!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Hope everyone is taking the weekend to be "labor-free"!

Manhattan Poster by Jim Datz
We set the date for our housewarming party for September 17th, and to get ready there are a few things left on our To Do list. 

1st up we need to hang pictures. In the past, hanging pictures has tested our relationship. There isn't much else that will bring us both to the edge like hanging pictures, and Friday afternoon I prepared myself  for gritted teeth, clenched fists, and angry storm-outs. In addition to the art that we already had, we had ordered several posters from, and 2 awesome prints from In the past we had ordered the posters we wanted, and then made a trip to Michaels to pick out frames, but this time Mike found vendor on called

For all the frames we needed, we easily would have spent over $300, but thanks to, we only spent $130, including S&H! Each of the frames came with the necessary tools to hang them with. 

Once Mike had attached all the wires we were ready to hang, so I braced myself ... but guess what??? These frames were the easiest frames to hang I've ever used! Pick your spot on the wall where you want your picture, hammer in the nail, and hang your picture! SO SIMPLE! Here are just some of the pictures we hung using the frames from

Unfortunately, not all of the pictures we hung were so easy. So once again we had to employ the old adage "Measure twice, cut once", or in our case "Measure twice, hammer once". There was some disagreement as to placement, but overall it was a the best time we have had while hanging pictures (the beer, and comic relief ala Justin Savidge helped).

Since I've been plugging this whole time I guess it's only fair to talk about one other product that we picked up this weekend, the Come With Me Kitty leash and harness. When we lived in our old apartment we let the cats out onto the balcony, but now they are not allowed outside, and are devastated. We decided the harness would be a great idea, and picked it up while we were at Target. Let the hilarity ensue ...

We thought if we put the leash on the clothes line, Boots could walk up and down the grass, but needless to say she never figured that part out ...

... So Mike decided he would try and walk her, that also did not work out because she kept eating the grass instead. So we ended up looping the leash through one of the patio chairs ...

... Meanwhille in the house, poor Mr. Bojangles was left only to watch his arch enemy have the time of her life outside ...

After making sure that Boots was safely secured to the patio chair, I ran inside to get a drink. When I returned, (inside of 3 minutes at the most!), this is what I found ...

... My cat is an escape artist! Don't worry, she didn't go far, but thus ended Lucky Boots' outdoor adventures!

I should mention that Lucky Boots is THE Lucky Boots from! I also received these awesome pink pillows from Nikki, made using her tutorial!

We found this fabric at Ikea

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  1. Speaking of your party, I don't think I'm coming. No invite, no attendee.