Weekend Treasures

 Found this beer tap, I'm going to paint the label with chalkboard paint so that it can be specific per keg!

 The lady of the house had owned a yarn store at one time, it was a crafter's dream!

 I found this old binder full of patterns for $2.50!

 Copyright 1939!

 So "Joan"!

Find of the weekend: a copper fireplace set! Before and After cleaning

Vintage hamper (love the brooch)!

Copper napkin dispenser, coasters, vintage kitchen clock, handmade lantern, flower cookie cutters, copper plated measuring spoons

We found this hutch, and were able to get it and the table (see below) for $190!

This is a 5 piece set that we picked up at The Garage in Denver. Each piece has a darker inlay, and they really have set off my new living room!

It was a slow day of estate sales, this was all I found, so we went to the antique store and ...

... I found this adorable serving dish for my kitchen!

I'm obsessed with Coors pottery ashtrays, I'm up to 6
Another example of Coors pottery

I found these canisters out antiquing one afternoon ...

... I found these a couple weekends later, you can't have too many canisters right?

This one is one of my favorites! It matches the canister set above. It's a "Three Way Dispenser". It has a place for foil, wax paper, and paper towels

This is the table we picked up when we bought the hutch. The chairs were another great purchase from The Garage, and my mom picked up the vintage table cloth at an antique mall in Colorado Springs

I got this saddle bag at the Denver Modernism Show

Obsession #2 - BOBBLES! So many projects, so little time!

Obsession #3 - Vintage bar ware.

Estate sale purchases (Coors ashtray, bobbles, brooch, and vintage wallpaper)

Matt Jones found this little gem for me at an estate sale ...
... When you lift the rock you see this missionary's true intentions!

I always wanted a hanging fruit basket, and now I have one!

It took us awhile to figure out why there was a shelf on this magazine rack, but we finally figured it out ... It's  SO  "Mad Men"!

My mom and I found this tin, hanging notepad at the World Wide Antique Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart. There were 2, so what is a girl to do? I got both!

I'm still not sure what these are exactly.  I think they are sushi plates, but if anyone has a better idea, I'd  LOVE to hear it!

This is the lamp that started it all! This was my 1st major estate sale purchase, if only Mike new what was in store for his future weekends ...

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