Friday, November 4, 2011

Finally ... Trick-Or-Treaters!!!

Happy  belated Halloween everyone! Sorry for being MIA, but the we haven't done anything of "real" interest the last few weekends. I guess that isn't true because Nikki and I have been working our tails off creating perhaps the best Halloween costumes ever!!!

Coon and Friends - Mosquito, Mint Berry Crunch, The Coon, and Mysterion!!!

We worked our butts off making these costumes, unfortunately they weren't as well received as you might imagine. Being from,and in Colorado, we figured everyone would know who we were, but sadly no! Either way, we were thrilled with our hard work. For Mosquito (my husband Mike) I crocheted his hat, used freezer paper to make a mosquito stencil for his hoodie, and Nikki sewed his sash while I hot glued the ketchup packets for his blood reserve. For Mint Berry Crunch I cut the leaves from felt, dyed 1/2 my white leggings green, and Nikki sewed my hat, berries, and collar. Nikki made her and Matt's costumes, which you can see in more detail at And thanks to Nikki for making all of our masks!

Before I reveal more pics of our fabulous costumes, I want to show you how artistic myself and my friends are. Yes I know, you see how artistic we are every week, but last Friday we were exceptionally artistic :) 

Last year the Savidge's hosted our first ever pumpkin carving get together. It was a hit, and since they just added a little one to their household I hosted this year. In preparation Mike and I made 1 of our 2 a year trips to Walmart. For those who don't know, I HATE WALMART, but unfortunately I find myself there every year at Halloween and Christmas. Anyway, we headed to Walmart to pick up some pumpkins ... 6 to be exact. 

Yes, you can use the boring run-of-the-mill stencils that come with the carving kits, but we had something else in mind ...

Here is a sample of the stencils we used

To make some room, Nikki and I carved out all of our pumpkins (2 for her, and 6 for me). I carved while she scraped out the the seeds for a tasty snack. We made plain, cinnamon and sugar, curry, and spicy pumpkin seeds.

I need to add that my pumpkins from Walmart were mutant pumpkins. Instead of the typical gooey pumpkin innards, they were more like a spaghetti squash inside! Weird!

Right as we finished pumpkin number 6, our guests arrived. After a couple hours of meticulous carving we had these masterpieces:

 Here are some shots of everyone at work ... some people took it more serious than others!

 And here are some individual shots of the ones that Mike and I did:

And here they all are in action on Halloween! This was the first time that Mike and I have ever had trick-or-treaters! We've lived in apartments up till now, which I always thought would be the place to go as a trick-or-treater, but this year we had about 20!

 Fun was had by all! The next day was spent in prep for our evening out. Instead of the normal downtown scene we opted to go to the Colfax Block Party. Just so everyone is clear, this is the definition of a block party according to Wikipedia:

block party is a large public party in which many members of a single neighbourhood congregate, either to observe an event of some importance or simply for mutual enjoyment. The name comes from the form of the party, which often involves closing an entire city block to vehicle traffic. Many times, there will be a celebration in the form of playing music and dance and activities like pony rides, inflatable slides, pop corn machines and BBQs.

We pre-partied for a bit, and then headed out to the block party ... THERE WAS NO BLOCK PARTY!!! Just normal bars, that were packed to the brim. Are we getting old? Cause we decided to head somewhere with a few less people. We ended up back at the Tavern (where I work), and were home before 1am, how sad. To make things even worse, hardly anyone recognized our costumes! We got a couple of shout-outs on Colfax, and some kids recognized us at the Tavern, but overall it was a major bummer! Oh well, we knew we looked AWESOME!!!

Coon and Friends

The Coon in action!

Mint Berry Crunch and Mysterion

The Cupid Shuffle ala Mysterion

The Coon must know when to defend itself!


Keep an eye out in the next couple weeks for my post about my Vintage Ornament Wreath tutorial!!!

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