Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Showers bring Leather Flowers

I am so happy to have followers already! It really means a lot to me to know that other people are interested in the same stuff I am! So here I go ...

This weekend started off with a baby shower for our friends Kala and Justin They are expecting their first baby, Maddy, at the end of this month. A few things set this shower apart in my mind ...

1. The shower was not just for the ladies, all the guys were invited, and they were absolutely thrilled to be part of the festivities (trust me)

2. NO stupid shower games!!! Kelly, our host opted for a Make-A-Onesie Station. It worked out great, and if I may so myself, mine turned out pretty awesome!

3. Apparently, no one knows what to buy for expecting mothers. Don't get me wrong, I have never seen so many adorable outfits in my life, but I think babies need more than clothes.

Baby shower behind us, we headed to my folk's house to have dinner with them, my sister Kate, her husband Chris, and my favorite (only) niece Nixie!

Sunday, we headed to the Denver Modernism Show,, with Matt and Nikki, oh no wait they "forgot" about it ...  but we made the best of it and struggled through without them. The Modernism show housed a bunch of vendors (local and nationwide) selling their goods, and an awesome vintage car show! Being that we were there on the last day it was somewhat picked over, but I managed to snag this gorgeous saddle bag with cute white/yellow/red flowers, a scarf, and some cute pillows for the living room chairs. I will definitely be back next year, but definitely on the first 2 days!

On the way home we stopped by our new favorite mid-century shop, The Garage, on a whim, thinking they might have some new stuff. They probably did, but rather than looking at anything new, I was drawn back to a set of chairs that I had been eyeing for my kitchen table. And now they are mine!               

I think this weekend proves that the best weekends are spent with friends, family, and by treating yourself! How do you treat yourself? Anyone have any other ideas of fun, non-traditional baby shower games?

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